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kerrera wildlife guide

A small island abundant in wildlife in the sea, on land and in the air. Come and enjoy the spectacle for yourself.

Wild Goats

The Island has are few family groups of wild goats scattered around the island.

The most common place to see the goats is around the middle ferry, especially if you walk from Kerrera Marina and down the east coast, along the new road. There is also a family that are based down at Ardmore which is at the very southern tip of the island.

The goats of course move around – the grass is always greener – so grab a map and go exploring to get a sighting!

Roe deer

These stunning animals swim over from the mainland and fluctuate in numbers throughout the year.

There seems to be a wee herd that live at the northern end of the Island, either around the hills behind Kerrera Marina or in the woodland on the west side of Barr nan Cadhag. There is also a couple of shy wee guys that live down in the beech woods at the South East end of the Island.

A mix of patience and good luck will let you see these elusive creatures, but it’s oh so worth it!


We have a resident seal who pops into Kerrera Marina to keep and eye on what we are up to. He seems to be particularly impressed with the boys rowing efforts and usually turns up to see how they are getting on.

We also have two seal colonies – one on the west side of the Island, based on the wee Island of Oitir Mhor Bay and one down on the lighthouse Island at the South East end of Kerrera.

A dry day will normally see them out sunbathing on the rocks so bring a pair of binoculars and you’ll be in for a treat.


Otters on the island seem to be growing in numbers which is lovely. There is usually an elusive pair somewhere along the east coast of the Island between Ardentrive and the middle ferry.

There are also two males who spend most of their time having some spectacular disagreements at the middle ferry. They have been know to have full on fisticuffs right down the middle of the slipway, regardless of the number of people waiting for the next ferry! Again, these are elusive animals and your best chance of spotting them is sunrise and sunset.

Dolphins and porpoises

We are seeing these more and more frequently now, especially on the South West end of the Island.

We had a magical few days in January when a pod of grey dolphins spent a few days frolicking in the Sound of Kerrera. Made even more magical when they came and played in the wake of our tiny dingy. It was freezing but very very special!

Bring binoculars and keep an eye on our Instagram – we’ll let you know when we spot some.

Sea Eagles

A bird not seen in many areas of the UK, you won’t forget the first time you see one!

Luckily, Kerrera has an abundance of Sea Eagles! We regularly see one flying above Kerrera Marina and the farm. They are also regularly seen down by the castle and around Oiti Mhor Bay, so you’re in with a good shout of seeing them wherever you are on the Island.

Sea eagle

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