About us

meet the vollums

Originally from Kerrera, in 2010 we moved back from our adventures in North Wales to run the family farm Gill was brought up on. More recently, we’ve also taken on Kerrera Marina and The Waypoint and are well and truly stuck into our new adventure!
Shout out to the strong community behind us – they’re as much a part of the family and adventure even if not officially a Vollum. We couldn’t do this without every single one of them and certainly not with as much laughter.


We want Kerrera to be a destination on everyone’s list, with a friendly and welcoming marina.

All of us here are very proud of what we have to offer both on the island and at the marina. We are also very proud of our 2 feral wild boys and love watching them getting involved with the marina.

We hope that families will feel that their children are made to feel welcome here and that everyone enjoys the epic adventures that can be had on Kerrera.

An army can not march on an empty stomach and no story can be told without either a cup of tea or a large glass of wine in hand. That’s why The Waypoint is the heart of the marina.

When it comes to boats, we find solutions to the many varied problems that boat ownership brings and help visitors continue on their journey as quickly and as easily as possible. We also understand that your boat is incredibly precious to you, whether its your permanent home or your weekend getaway. We’ll do everything we can to make sure it is kept tucked up nice and safe while its here.

Basically we love meeting people, hearing their stories and ooing and aahhing over their boats!

Vollum family



Aka Mr marina.

Tim has spent his life mucking about in boats from a very young age. His parents are adamant that racing sailing boats at the weekends kept him out of too much trouble at school , something that I can well believe having lived with him for 20 years!

His passions in life are boats, fixing things, being a dad and talking to people… so running the marina ticks all of those boxes and he’s pretty much always got a smile on his face.

For Tim, nothing beats a good mission, and he can be completely incapable of hearing anybody when focused on a task (I think the technical term is task orientated?!).

He’s also terrible at remembering to feed himself throughout the day so needs biscuits flung at him from a safe distance when he gets hangry. Chocolate biscuit are a bonus.

"No great story started with a salad"


Aka Mrs farmer/ bar keep.

Born and bred on Kerrera, we now run the farm that I grew up on which makes me so happy every day.

I also love feeding people, and am very passionate about local produce and how its produced – I still cant quite believe that we have our very own restaurant to fill with amazing local produce!

Although I was brought up on the island, I am still learning my way around boats – so far I’ve learnt that most nautical terms can be related to alcohol which makes them a lot easier to learn and that Tim and I should probably never set off into the sunset in sailing boat together. I’m not convinced we would make it out of the sound before one of us was fish food!

I absolutely love the journey that we are on. It’s a very steep learning curve but watching how much our guests and my family are enjoying the adventure fills my heart with joy!

"So far I've learnt that most nautical terms can be related to alcohol which makes them a lot easier to learn!"

Olly + Rory

The feral wildlings!

Two grubby little boys who love a good adventure, are always on a mission and are learning their way around a boat far quicker than their mum.

Olly will usually be found either making something, breaking something or getting between his dad and whatever he is trying to fix so he can ‘help’. He’s spent most of the Autumn rowing his little brother around the marina, checking their lobster pot or abandoning him on rocky islands when Rory has pushed his buttons once too many times. You’ve been warned!

Rory is the proverbial monkey – always up to mischief but with the ability to charm the birds out of the trees and so will usually get himself out of trouble quite quickly. Rory tends to dance and wiggle his way around the place and lights up a room when he is in it.

They are both very funny and kind boys and we are incredibly proud of them both. They’ll be as much a part of your adventure as anything else no doubt!

"I'll drive... my dad says I can drive the shit out of anything"