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the land of the vikings

A historically important island, steeped in viking heritage and home to two of the world’s oldest fossils. Bring a guide book, ask the locals and get exploring!

Will you find the next big discovery on the Island?

Kerrera is home to two of the oldest fossils in the world: Tortotubus, the oldest fossil of a land-dwelling organism (440 million years old); and the recently dated 425-million-year-old millipede fossil, the world’s oldest ‘bug’ – older than any known fossil of an insect.

Evidence that the Isle of Kerrera was perhaps here before mainland Scotland…


The elegant ruins of Gylen Castle at the south end of the island jut out over the sea, with dramatic views over the Firth of Lorne. Built in 1582 by the Clan MacDougall, Gylen was only occupied for a relatively short time and was burnt down in 1647 during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

Today you can explore the ruins and it’s stunning views yourself and let your imagination run wild. Easily accessible on foot or by e-bike.

Viking Heritage

In 1193 the Vikings set out to gain control of the Western Isles – including Kerrera. They broke the islands inhabitants spirit by continually plundering and pillaging, driving most of the island occupants back to mainland Scotland. In 1249 King Alexander the 2nd stated his campaign to reclaim The Hebrides but it was not to be. Legend has it that he came ashore onto Kerrera – against his sooth sayers advice, and died of a fever in what is still know as Dal Righ – The kings field.

These days the only thing to fear are the feral island children attacking the unsuspecting walkers with a nerf gun!

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